Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Range testing nickel-plated Remington UMC target .45 ACP

Steven Otterbacher of BulkAmmo.com recently sent me a 50-rd box of new nickel-plated Remington UMC target .45 ACP to range test and I'm finally getting time and energy to post it. Here's Steve's .45 bulk ammo page:

I used 5 compact 45s and 4 full-size pistols. From left, Kimber Ultra Carry II, Springfield Micro, Kimber Ultra Elite, Para P12-45 at top right and Sig P220 SAO Compact at bottom right.
Here's the 7-yard benchrest target for the compacts, top left bull Sig P220 SAO Compact, top right Para P12-45, bottom left Kimber Ultra Carry II, center Springfield Micro, bottom right, Kimber Ultra Elite.
 Here's the 7-yard benchrest target for the full-size.45s. Top left, Sig P220 SAO full-size, bottom left Glock 21, center Llama IXC 1911, top right Para 14-45 full-size. Bottom bull was not used.
Due to my shaky hands, I called on my son Robby and his father-in-law Steve to do all the shooting. Here's Robby shooting my Sig P220 SAO Compact with my grandsons and others watching.
And here's Steve shooting one of his compact .45s, could be his Springfield Micro.
All 50 rds. of nickel-plated Remington UMC target .45 ACP fed flawlessly in all 9 compact and full-size pistols from Kimber, Sig Sauer, Springfield, Para Ordnance, Glock and Llama. I grade the ammo A+. http://www.bulkammo.com/handgun/bulk-.45-acp-ammo

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More good news: blood clot in lung gone!

A brief update, typing skills still one finger. The MRI showed the blood clot in my right lung is now gone. Lung capacity is now only 75% blocked, down from 90%.

4th chemo is next Tuesday, final of 6 chemos is May 1. Much improvement so far. Looking forward to the best pool party summer ever!