Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sony Ericcson K750i comes out of retirement, W518a is Tango Uniform

I'm hell on cell phones.

My brand-new Sony Ericsson W518 went for a swim in the pool with me and it is now Tango Uniform.

So I brought my Sony Ericsson K750i  purchased in 2006 out of retirement and put it back into service.

It too took a dip in the pool, but after a 3-day drying-out period (not at Betty Ford, here at home on an AC vent) it perked up and went back to working just fine.

The W518 has a 3.2 megapixel camera which is supposedly better than the 2.0 megapixel camera on the K750i, but all megapixels are not created equal, as it says in the Constitution.

The K750i also has an auto-focus feature while the W518 is a fixed-focus lens.

So just to see if the K750i was still perking along as a camera, I took a few photos at the pool just a few minutes ago.

First shot is a Red Stripe beer and a good cigar with the pool in the background.

Second shot is the pool with my sweet wife in the water.

Don't tell her I put here photo on the 'Net without her permission.

Third photo is a closeup of my favorite t-shirt.

Now there's a motto to live by.

The K750i did a fine job of all three photos, close up, far away and both at the same time. 

Images are unPhotoshopped, just as they came straight from the cellphone camera.

I did rotate them for perspective in Windows Explorer, but that's it.

Last is photo no. 4 from the W518, Harry the pool dog with one of his playmates.

Yes, it's a larger image. But is it any better than the K750i images?

Not to my eye.

I retired the K750i because it's a candy-bar design and my gut kept dialing calls.

But my smart daughter showed me how to lock the keyboard so now I can carry it cocked and locked, just like my .45 and I'm good to go.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Some Friday night gun pron from a week's work on Gunbroker

It's Friday and I've called the work week off even though I still got a handful of guns I haven't listed on gunbroker. Maybe tomorrow. Anyway, here's the sorta cream from this week's crop of guns, new and used. We'll start off with a Walther PPK/S stainless made in the good ol' USA by InterArms on special order for the Kentucky State Police. It's a little beat up but quite serviceable. Maybe you could impress a new girlfriend with a line of B.S. about how you used to be a secret agent for the Kentucky State Police. Probably not.
On the other end of the handgun scale, how about a huge hunk of stainless steel? Does not come with a little red wagon to haul it around with but you're gonna need one. When those Israeli soldiers shoot somebody, they intend for the recipient to know for sure he's dead, dead, dead.

 Now let's go back to the other extreme for a neat little Sig P238 .380, second coming of the Colt Mustang.
Then back to the other end of the size scale, a long gun that makes my heart go pitty-patt, a stainless Marlin lever gun. I've got one just like it in .44 Magnum but I'm gonna have me one of these .357 Magnum's, too.
Speak of big-bore stainless Marlin lever guns, how about a .45/70 Govt. model? That big enuf for ya?
And if one hunk of lead at a time ain't good enuf for ya, how about a semi-auto scatter gun from Italy?
And finally for all those racin' fans out there, how about a Dale Earnhardt Limited Edition Remington 20 ga.?
If you don't know who Dale Earnhardt is, or was, I guess I can't tell my favorite Dale joke.

And finally in the collectible train of thought, how about a one-of-a-kind Ruger 10/22 USA Shooting Team?
That's all folks!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Help a poor blog writer, buy my S&W 469 or Dan Wesson .22 6"

I have two personal guns that are currently for sale in auctions on gunbroker through the account of the gun shop where I work, Village Pawn & Gun Shop of Wadesboro, NC.

Both have multiple photos, full descriptions and serial numbers in the auctions, so look at the auctions before asking questions. Call me at 910-995-3975 or send email to When I get an "I'll take it" by email or verbally, I will close the auction.

S&W 469 with four magazines is listed for $350 opening bid, $400 buy-now, plus $25 shipping. I will sell it to any reader of my blog for $300 plus $20 shipping.

2nd is a Dan Wesson .22LR revolver with 6" barrel. I have it listed on gunbroker for $450 opening bid, buy-now for $500. I will sell it to a a blog reader for $400 plus $20 shipping.

Both guns set to automatically relist on gunbroker until sold, so if links show relisted, use the relisted link.

I will consider trades. Anything in .44 Special is definitely in the running. I will consider any handgun but prefer small revolvers or pistols. I've got enough full-size handguns. I am not particularly interested in any more long guns either, with the exception of lever-actions.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The beginning of the countdown to the "end of an error"

How many days left to the first Tuesday in November? Until November 2012? Until the "end or an error"?

14 Weeks from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Steyr returning pistols to U.S. market with MA1 and SA1 9mm & .40

Great news from one of my favorite pistol manufacturers, Steyr-Mannlicher of Steyr, Austria. The U.S. distributor is Steyr Arms of Trussville, Alabama.

Steyr Arms Importing Additional Pistols!

spacerMain Content Inline Small
We are pleased to announce that Steyr Arms will again import the Steyr MA-1 and SA-1 line of pistols starting in August.  SAI will import additional quantities of both models in both a 9mm version as well as a .40 S&W.  The MA-1 and the SA-1 were two of Steyr's best selling models, but the fall of the dollar versus the euro over the last several years caused the price point to escalate far too high to import.  Internationally, the pistols sell for 610 Euro or over $800 at a 1.4 exchange rate.  However, SAI felt the price point needed to be much lower to truly compete in the US market.  Due to a bulk buying agreement with Austria and the recent rise of the dollar against the Euro, it became much more economical to import some additional pistols into the USA.  Starting in August, SAI will be re-releasing both the MA-1 and SA-1 versions at a suggested retail price of $649.  We are very excited to be able to offer these items again to the Steyr fanatics out there.  Thank you for all of the emails and feedback over the last two years encouraging us to bring back the pistol!  For more information about the pistol series, see your local Steyr retailer or call us at 205-655-8299. To see specs on the SA-1pistol click here.  To see specs on the MA-1 pistol click here.
I've got a Steyr M9-A1 and used to have a very rare Steyr M357-A1 that I sold when it got more valuable to others than me. 
That's the .357 Sig at left and the 9mm at right.
Steyr makes a better pistol than Glock, but most people have never heard of them. I am really looking forward to getting my hands on a Steyr S9-A1, of which only a few have ever been imported to the U.S. thus far.
The grip angle is not as steep as the Glock and more natural pointing to everybody who's ever held my Steyrs.
It also has a better trigger than Glock, lighter and smoother, and the trapezoidal sights are superior to any combat-type quick-acquisition sight I've ever seen. It's just a better pistol than most manufacturers, not just Glock.

I am really delighted to see Steyr get back into the U.S. market. Welcome back to America, Steyr!
 How about a few bumper stickers?