Thursday, July 29, 2010

Help a poor blog writer, buy my S&W 469 or Dan Wesson .22 6"

I have two personal guns that are currently for sale in auctions on gunbroker through the account of the gun shop where I work, Village Pawn & Gun Shop of Wadesboro, NC.

Both have multiple photos, full descriptions and serial numbers in the auctions, so look at the auctions before asking questions. Call me at 910-995-3975 or send email to When I get an "I'll take it" by email or verbally, I will close the auction.

S&W 469 with four magazines is listed for $350 opening bid, $400 buy-now, plus $25 shipping. I will sell it to any reader of my blog for $300 plus $20 shipping.

2nd is a Dan Wesson .22LR revolver with 6" barrel. I have it listed on gunbroker for $450 opening bid, buy-now for $500. I will sell it to a a blog reader for $400 plus $20 shipping.

Both guns set to automatically relist on gunbroker until sold, so if links show relisted, use the relisted link.

I will consider trades. Anything in .44 Special is definitely in the running. I will consider any handgun but prefer small revolvers or pistols. I've got enough full-size handguns. I am not particularly interested in any more long guns either, with the exception of lever-actions.

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