Friday, July 23, 2010

Bags packed and ready for 'Show and Tell' at concealed-carry class

All loaded up and ready for concealed-carry class tomorrow. Range bag, check. Holster bag, check. Pistol bag, check. Revolver bag, check. I love show and tell time during the first two hours when I teach about various types of handguns and how to handle and shoot them safely. Then after two hours of teaching concealed-carry law, we all go shooting. Talk about guns and then go shooting, and get paid to do it. No job on earth is any better than this!

And tomorrow is better than usual. I have a couple of ladies signed up. Generally speaking they make better students than the men because they don't assume they already know all they need to know about guns, even when they're already experienced shooters. Plus generally the women shoot as well or better than the men.

And I particularly love it when a novice shooter, man or woman, "gets" what I'm teaching about how to safely and effectively shoot a handgun. Sometimes it's almost like seeing the light bulb start glowing in their head.

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