Thursday, July 22, 2010

Talo Dragon Sig P229 with golden dragon is ugliest Sig pistol EVAH!

I love Sig Sauer pistols in general and P229s in particular. I love my Sig P229 SAS Gen2 .357 Sig so much I just had to buy another one sorta like it.

A plain Jane P229 CPO (Certified Previously Owned) was bought at a gun show by the gun shop crew and I just had to buy it, too.

But I gotta say, this Talo special edition P229 is just plain tacky. They call it:
Sigarms Dragon
40 cal with the TALO Dragon etched in gold, silver and copper over the slide
Gold hammer, trigger and appointments.
Special walnut grips with SIG insert.
 I believe I have finally seen a Sig pistol I can live without. Plus I just don't like .40 S&W as a caliber.

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how much did it cost?