Friday, July 30, 2010

Some Friday night gun pron from a week's work on Gunbroker

It's Friday and I've called the work week off even though I still got a handful of guns I haven't listed on gunbroker. Maybe tomorrow. Anyway, here's the sorta cream from this week's crop of guns, new and used. We'll start off with a Walther PPK/S stainless made in the good ol' USA by InterArms on special order for the Kentucky State Police. It's a little beat up but quite serviceable. Maybe you could impress a new girlfriend with a line of B.S. about how you used to be a secret agent for the Kentucky State Police. Probably not.
On the other end of the handgun scale, how about a huge hunk of stainless steel? Does not come with a little red wagon to haul it around with but you're gonna need one. When those Israeli soldiers shoot somebody, they intend for the recipient to know for sure he's dead, dead, dead.

 Now let's go back to the other extreme for a neat little Sig P238 .380, second coming of the Colt Mustang.
Then back to the other end of the size scale, a long gun that makes my heart go pitty-patt, a stainless Marlin lever gun. I've got one just like it in .44 Magnum but I'm gonna have me one of these .357 Magnum's, too.
Speak of big-bore stainless Marlin lever guns, how about a .45/70 Govt. model? That big enuf for ya?
And if one hunk of lead at a time ain't good enuf for ya, how about a semi-auto scatter gun from Italy?
And finally for all those racin' fans out there, how about a Dale Earnhardt Limited Edition Remington 20 ga.?
If you don't know who Dale Earnhardt is, or was, I guess I can't tell my favorite Dale joke.

And finally in the collectible train of thought, how about a one-of-a-kind Ruger 10/22 USA Shooting Team?
That's all folks!

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