Thursday, July 15, 2010

My .44 Special Obsession is getting worse daily with no cure in sight

My .44 Special Obsession (look it up, it's in the medical books), is getting worse.

When I need relief, I usually go shooting with my Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special snubby double-action 5-shooter.

If the obsession gets really bad, I'll break out the big gun, literally, my S&W 29-3 .44 Magnum 4" barrel double-action six-shooter. I hardly ever shoot .44 Magnums in it, by far the more frequent load is .44 Specials.

I have some full-house .44 Special loads with 240-grain flat-noses and plated rounds that shoot like a dream in the big Smith.

I also have a Hy Hunter .44 Magnum single-action 6-shooter which just loves those 240-grain .44 Special loads.

It is not wise to shoot anything over 200 grains in the Charter Bulldog. Tam advised me in a post comment she shoot one to pieces with a few hundred of the over-200-grain rounds.

And as soon as I get it paid off from the layaway safe, I'll have another .44 Special to aid my obsession.

It's my first Night Guard revolver, a S&W 296NG, third from top, which is also a 5-shooter. And being a lightweight Scandium-alloy revolver, it is probably wise to limit loads in the 396NG to 200 grains, though S&W does not specifically advise that with this model, as they do on some other S&W lightweight .44 Special snubbies.

But this week, my .44 Special Obession has gotten measurably worse by some of the guns I've been posting on gunbroker for the gun shop where I work.

First and foremost is a S&W 24 Classic Bright Nickel. That big old N-frame with the "Big 4 T's", target sights, target grips, target trigger and target hammer, is just the prettiest piece of iron I've seen lately.

I need a 6.5" barrel Model 24 like I need another hole in my head, but this ain't about need, it's about my .44 Special Obsession.

I had a S&W 21 Thunder Ranch .44 Special and like a fool I traded it away. Oh well, live and learn.

Then I also posted a Ruger Vaquero Sheriff's Model .44 Special Single-Action 6-shooter with a 3.75" barrel. Ain't that the sexiest little cowboy pistol you ever saw?

I guess I'll just have to shoot my Hy Hunter more often because I can't afford that sexy little Vaquero.

And the last temptation I managed to overcome, on account of I'm broke, not because I wanted to, was resisting a S&W 296 double-action-only lightweight .44 Special 5-shooter.

Tam has one of these that lives in her purse, but I convinced myself it's just too light to enjoy shooting it often,which is one thing I absolutely demand of all my handguns.

And as the fox said after he found out the grapes were just out of his reach, them grapes is probably sour anyway.

There is a cure for my .44 Special Obsession, but the cure is what I don't have. Money. Lots of money. I really have no idea how many .44 Specials I would have to own to get this obsession under control. As I heard John Taffin said, I'd buy a broomstick if it had .44 Special wrote in it.

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