Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The New York Reload/Southern Redneck Style

I've reinvented an old carry strategy. I call it the New York Reload/Southern Redneck Style.

I've been trying out different carry combos since I started working in a gun shop and since I'm ambiguous, amphibious or ambidextrous I've been alternating between left and right-hand carry. I'm strong-hand right, dominant-eye left, so I shoot equally well (or badly) from either hand, trying to keep both eyes open.

My main carry choices are three in .357 Sig (S&W M&P full-size and Compact and Steyr M357-A1), Glock G29 10mm and Steyr M9A1 9mm. For backup I have been using a Kel Tec PF-9 9mm in a pocket holster and extra magazines for it and the main carry also stuffed in pockets.

But the only nonfamily gun salesman at the store, other than me, is a young guy who gave me an idea. He carries a subcompact Glock .40 on his right hip and another one behind it above his hip pocket covered by his t-shirt tail hanging out. The rest of the crew, two guys and one woman, all carry hip holsters but so far as I know, don't carry any backups, but I ain't searchin' em.

So I was reading a gun mag and this guy mentions the "New York Reload" which NYC detectives used on stake-outs back in the '50s when snubby revolvers were all they were allowed to carry. So they carried at least two, sometimes three or four. Shoot one empty, grab another and so on. A heck of a lot faster than trying to reload. It would also be faster than reloading a pistol, so if carrying two snubbies make sense, two pistols is even better.

So I decided it was time to get the PF-9 out of my pocket and onto the belt. Since I'm about equally comfortable shooting right or left, I put the main carry on the left, where I shoot a bit better, and the backup on the right. That's the M&P .357 Sig Compact on the left and PF-9 on the right.

I usually work in a t-shirt as the shop is kept quite warm but when I walk across the street for lunch, I can put on a shirt with the tail out and it covers both well enough not to alarm the waitresses or other customers.

I've started wearing this set-up at work at the gun shop and it's very comfortable. Certainly better than a backup pistol and spare mags stuffed in my pockets. I figure with 11 rds. of .357 Sig and 8 rds. of 9mm, one of the other guys or the armed gal oughta be able to provide all the back-up I'll need after that.

Since I ain't from Noo Yawk and am not going there even to visit if I can help it, I call it the Southern Redneck Reload. As the eternal optimist was heard to say as he passed the 40th floor while falling off the Empire State Building, "So far so good."

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