Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ruger Mini-14 Tactical Rifles are back again -- to stay?

The on-again, off-again Ruger Mini-14 Tactical Rifle is back, plus a second compact tactical model. At bottom is the ATI 6-position collapsible and folding stock version and at top is the compact tactical flash suppressor version with synthetic stock. Both have the compact 16.125" barrels and come with 20-rd. magazines. I would say they're about the best buy out there for .223 assault rifles since ARs and AK variant prices have skyrocketed.

The gun shop where I'm working now has on Gunbroker what I suppose is an early release model of the flash suppressor version of the compact tactical, since it comes with only a 5-rd. magazine and no free scope rings. The two tactical models on Ruger's website say they come with scope rings and 1 20-rd. magazine. Of course, you can buy 20-rd. magazines from Ruger but they've finally seen the common sense to provide 20-rd. magazines in the box with some of their Mini-14 models. They should do it with all their models. I've always had a hard time with math ever since the 3rd grade, but I do know that 20 rounds is four times better than five.

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