Friday, June 26, 2009

Global warming conspiracy turns into taxpaper robbery

God help us, Congress is in session and no taxpayer's wallet is safe. This time the scam is the trillion-dollar "cure" for the disease that never was, Al Gore's global warming pyramid scheme.

Wesley Pruden nails what today's vote in the House is all about, despite Nancy Pelosi's two-step.

You can't blame the Democrats for hurrying to enact their hot-air legislation. The public is finally paying attention, recognizing the global warming crisis for what it is, a giant scam that will cost every American plenty. The globe isn't warming - it's actually cooling, in fact - and there's no crisis.

The only "crisis" Thursday in Washington was what to do with Al Gore. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had invited the ex-veep to Washington to appear Friday with senior Democrats to make a last-minute appeal for votes for the American Clean Energy and Security Act. Note there's not a word about "global" or "warming" in the title of the legislation. Once you stink up perfectly good words, you have to find new ones. (That's why liberals now call themselves "progressives.")

And since images are always more powerful than words, check out this video on "cap and trade."

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