Thursday, June 18, 2009

Secret Diplomacy: Obama twitters to people of Iran

One of my favorite preachers is Ravi Zacharias and I'm not sure whether it was in a sermon or a book of his, (I listen to him regularly on radio as well as read his books) but he made a very perceptive statement about Islam.

He was quoting an Islamic man he met in one of the countries under Islamic rule, or Sharia Law as the 14th century legal system is known, and the Muslim said this: "If the mullahs ever take their foot off our necks, they'll find out how many us are really true believers in Islam."

The mullah's foot seems to be slipping a bit from their perch on the necks of the people of Islam, as Michael Totten says a genuine revolution is now under way and the people continue to protest the stolen election.

And what is President Obama's public response to date? He's continuing to "vote present."

But perhaps he's taking a brave stand behind the scenes? Iowahawk has the inside scoop on a special secret message President Obama has sent by Twitter to the people of Iran in their hour of trial.

A Special Message to the People of Iran

By Barack Obama
President of the United States

Greetings. As president of United States -- or, if you prefer, the Great Satan -- I have have been following with keen interest the vigorous post-election debate and vibrant political dialogue which has been taking place in your great and noble Islamic Republic of Iran over recent days. It has been both educational and fascinating, and as a sports fan I have thrilled to the pageantry, the suspense, and the fast-paced, hard-hitting action. I have to say It's been as exciting as a double overtime game seven NBA final between the Lakers and Celtics! Like millions of others around the world, I can't wait for the exciting conclusion of your distracting nail-biter so I can finally focus on my big health care project at the office.

(Now that's what I call a real crisis!) But no matter who prevails in your hard-fought contest, you can rest assured that I will be out there in the stands watching, and ready to congratulate the team who brings home Tehran's coveted Golden Centrifuge Cup.

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