Sunday, November 14, 2010

Steyr pistol trapezoid/triangle sights work perfectly for first-time user

I've been a Steyr pistol fan since I bought my first one in 2006 and I bought all three calibers of the MA1 compact version, .357 Sig, .40 S&W and 9mm. IMHO it's the best pistol made in Austria and one of the best in the world, including that other Austrian pistol that everybody knows about.

When I teach a monthly N.C. Concealed Carry Handgun Class at the gun shop where I work, I usually use one of my Steyr pistols for the show and tell portion of the class when I demonstrate how to safely handle and operate various types of pistols and revolvers, double-action and single-action, full-size to subcompact.

The one feature that always seem to impress my students about the Steyr pistols is their unique trapezoid/triangle sights.

Keep an Eye on the Target

The unique trapezoid sight offers a new dimension in rapid target acquisition. The sight's shape guides the eye onto the target, and thus the target is captured exactly and quickly.
I used my new S9A1 pistol at the class I taught Saturday, the subcompact version of the MA1, and as usual I demonstrated how its striker-fired double-action-only design works.

But one student was really impressed by the triangle/trapezoid sights and asked at the end of the class if he could shoot it at the indoor range where we do the firing qualification part of the class.

I allow the students in the class to shoot any of my pistols in the qualification part of the class for a fee of $10 if they buy the appropriate ammo at the gun shop. I figure it's a good service that allows them to try handguns they may not get another opportunity to shoot. So of course, I said yes and the student bought a box of 9mm at the gun shop after the class.
The student whose face is hidden behind the S9A1 in the photo is the one who wanted to shoot it. He used his own Ruger Security Six .357 Magnum revolver for the firing qualification at the range.
And after the class was over, I set him up a new target and let him try out the S9A1. Here's his very first magazine of 10 at the full-size-man target at 7 yards. Guess where he was aiming?
Now it this isn't proof positive that the Steyr M&S pistol trapezoid/triangle sights aren't the best at fast target acquisition and accuracy of any handgun on the market, what is it?

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