Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yet another CZ pistol to add to my ever-growing gotta-have list

My CZ P07 Duty 9mm is one of my favorite carry guns. I configured mine with the safety-only option included in the box, replacing the safety/decocker as issued so I could carry it cocked and locked.

Sixteen+1 9mm rounds with a compact 3.5" barrel, it's a great concealed-carry package of firepower.

But then I happened to pass by Angus Hobdell's CZ Custom Shop site and saw one of his latest custom creations, a P07 Duty with a few tweaks by the master to create what he calls the SP07 Duty.
It's got a fiber-optic front sight on the P07 slide, but the lower is a shortened SP01 frame with a full-size grip and a 19-rd. magazine. So many guns I want and so little money to buy them. Life's continuing dilemma.

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