Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Preparing for the Obama presidential administration

I share the same state with Mike Adams, but unfortunately we have not met and he is not a friend of mine. But I sure wish he was. Adams saw the McCain defeat coming and took action to prepare for the Obama presidency. How? By buying five guns and giving them away to friends.

Adams writes about this in his reply to "Deb" who wrote him to complain. Deb wrote:

The hate-mongering and fear-spreading used by the Right to try to salvage its power has frightened perfectly normal members of my family into thinking that the Obama presidency will bring us a totalitarian government. If you are really a scholar, then you know that this is all hokum.
Mike Adams responded:

Again, Deb, although I am a right-winger myself, I am in total agreement with you (except I doubt that every member of your family is “perfectly normal.”). The Obama presidency will not bring about a totalitarian government. The reason for this is pretty simple: The 46% of us who voted for John McCain are presently arming ourselves to the hilt.

Since I already have enough firearms to overthrow several Latin American governments, I’ve purchased five firearms and given them to friends and neighbors since it became apparent that McCain would not win the election. You did not ask me to but I’ve listed those five guns below as well as my reasons for giving them away:

Read Debbie Does Malice to find out which guns Mike Adams bought and gave away.

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Chris said...

John, you don't need to wait for Obama. The Republicans have already re-introduced the assault weapons ban. Yup, you read that right....

A republican sponsor and 4 republican co-sponsors.