Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sarah whaps bomb-throwin' Bill; offers Obama energy help

Gov. Sarah Palin talks with Wolf Blitzer at CNN. She says she is not backing off her criticism of Barack Obama's association with Bill Ayers. Now that bomb-throwin' Bill's buddy is President-elect, how long before Ayers is doing sleepovers in the Lincoln bedroom of the White House?

Sarah also offers to help OJT President-elect Obama with energy issues. She does have executive experience in that area, including negotating a deal with Canada for an oil pipeline to connect Alaska to the lower 48. Sarah says she's ready if Obama really wants to be "bipartisan." Sure, when donkeys fly. I bet Sarah Barracuda is just about the only Republican that scares Obama right now. And with good reason. She's gonna slobberknock him come 2012.

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