Monday, December 1, 2008

President-elect Obama's first international crisis

Who is this "fat little bastard" as Blackfive describes him, and why is he in the news? He's the sole survivor of the 16 terrorists who attacked multiple "soft targets" in Mumbai, India. Uncle Jimbo says this twerp is the only one of the merry band who didn't follow orders to "kill until the last breath." Jimbo also notes they were far from a bunch of pros, firing from the hip like they learned how to shoot in video games. But they did kill many innocent civilians and some Indian military and police and have fomented another looming war between Pakistan and India.

Remember how Joe Biden "guaranteed" Obama would have an international crisis to deal with very soon in his administration? How about before he's even inaugurated? India vs. Pakistan war is looking more likely by the day and hour and it may start before Jan. 20, the Obama Hour.

Bill Roggio has the startling news that the sole survivor of the Mumbai, India terrorist attackers has fingered the Pakistani military and intelligence service as helping set up the attacks.

The only member of the jihadi assault team captured during the Mumbai attacks has fingered several Pakistani organizations as providing support to the group, according to reports in the Indian press.

Ajmal Amir Kasab, also known as Azam Amir Kasav, was captured by police after a shootout near the docks in southern Mumbai. He was wounded and feigned death but was picked up by police after he was seen breathing.

The siege in Mumbai lasted 62 hours and claimed more than 195 lives. Terror assault teams held the city hostage as they fanned out through the city and attacked policemen, five-star hotels, a train station, a cinema, a cafe, and a residential complex.

Kasab has provided details on how his team of 16 terror commandos departed Karachi, linked up with a freighter carrying arms, hijacked an Indian fishing boat, and infiltrated into Mumbai via inflatable rafts. [See Indian commandos end 62-hour siege of Mumbai.]

Kasab has implicated the Pakistani Navy and the Dawood Ibrahim criminal network based in Karachi for providing assistance and training for the Mumbai assault team, police sources told India Today. The plot to attack Mumbai was hatched more than a year ago, Kasab told police.

According to the police sources, Kasab said 20 Pakistanis began training in terror camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir more than one year ago. The group trained in the Kashmiri camps "almost five-and-half months, during which the terrorist were taught the use of sophisticated arms and ammunition."

After the training at the Kashmiri camps, the group was "given a month's leave and were ordered to gather in Karachi after the break for training in boating, rowing and swimming by the Pakistan Navy."

The terrorists were then given maps and other information on their targets in Mumbai and trained in attacking the targets, India Today reported. Earlier, Kasab said several members of the assault team visited Mumbai to scout the targets and familiarize themselves with the city.

Any way you slice it, this does not look good. Pakistan fighting off India means they won't be doing any more fighting against Osama's thugs hiding and training in the mountains of Pakistan.

And who knows what will happen if the two nuclear-armed powers go to war -- again. One great big international hairball, ready and waiting for the new President Obama to cut his teeth on.

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