Thursday, October 8, 2009

Obama's 'Cut and walk' military strategy for Afghanistan war

The first presidential administration in the history of our republic with neither standard bearer having served a day in military service is living up to its billing. Military "expert" VP Joe Biden offers a "new strategy" for the war in Aghanistan as the Obama administration turns on its nasty political attack machine Chicago-style politics to slime General McChrystal.

Michael Goodwin at The New York Post (the only real paper left standing in Noo Yawk) writes White House declares war on this honest hero.

ANOTHER day, another double standard from the Obama White House. This one involves the nasty ef fort to discredit and muz zle Gen. Stanley McChrystal, whose sin was to present his commander in chief with an inconvenient answer about Afghanistan.

The president appointed McChrystal and ordered him to assess the war and develop a plan to rescue the mission. The result -- a call for an increase of 40,000 troops or face defeat -- apparently was not what Obama wanted to hear.

Bingo. In a flash, McChrystal found himself on the business end of a political attack machine. The president's liberal allies struck first, and then White House officials, hiding behind anonymous quotes, heaped scorn on the commander's judgment in The Washington Post.

The heavy hitters followed with their whacks at the piñata, with National Security Adviser Jim Jones and Defense Secretary Robert Gates both telling McChrystal to button his lip. They gave this advice on television, even as they demanded that he give his advice in private.

Tony Blankley at The Washington Times (the only real paper left standing in D.C.) outlines the options the Obama administration is facing on the war in Afghanistan and sums up thusly:

The president has three choices: (1) Cut and run, (2) cut and walk or (3) stay and fight with enough troops. Either Option No. 1 or No. 3 may be justifiable based on hard-headed thinking. No. 2 is an evasion of reality and would sinfully sacrifice American troops for no good purpose.
Since Obama has already publicly ruled out cut and run, saying he will not abandon the fight, it's down to "cut and walk" or "stay and fight." I hate to say it, but option two will soon be chosen. Our rookie president has already shown he ain't got enough guts to string a fiddle when it comes to doing anything that will alienate the lunatic leftwingnuts, which is his one solid constituency.

So that rules out "stay and fight," meaning he'll do some halfway measure that will start the decline into a slow defeat as our troops in Afghanistan are left slowly twisting in the wind.

In the meantime, Obama's adoring masses (AKA the mainstream media and other assorted leftwingnuts) carry on with the character assassination of General McChrystal, comparing him to McArthur in Korea. columnist Douglas MacKinnon gives us the dirty lowdown.

Simply because he spoke out in the best interests of his troops and our nation, the liberal intelligentsia, certain White House aides and some Democrat Members of Congress are trying to discredit and disparage General Stan McChrystal as fast as yellow journalism will allow.

What sin did this highly decorated patriot commit? As commander of U.S. and allied forces in Afghanistan, he dared to publicly speak his mind in the age of Obama. For that, those who worship at the feet of the Oracle of the Oval Office have told the General to “shut up,” have referred to him as “General MacArthur,” and have called for him to be drummed out of the military.

Meanwhile, over in the sandbox, our troops soldier on and the countdown continues since General McChrystal made his request for more boots on the ground, Meredith Jessup notes.
Today marks 39 days since U.S. and NATO General Stanley McChrystal delivered his request for more troops to President Obama. In his report, McChrystal warns the president of "mission failure" if current troop levels in Afghanistan remain unchanged.
While the slime attack on McChrystal carries on, President Obama is voting "present" on the war in Afghanistan. I guess I should be thankful he hasn't yet announced his "cut and walk" plan. God save our nation and protect our troops in harm's way. How many days to 2012?

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