Saturday, November 7, 2009

A "Mighty Mouse" hero emerges from the Ft. Hood massacre

Even Fox News has ticked me off with the coverage of the Ft. Hood massacre.

The Army major who decided to become a terrorist somehow is supposed to be granted victim status because he's a Muslim? WTF? When a Muslim commits terrorism, suddenly he's a victim because he's a Muslim?

And even the FBI director says the FBI is "not even discussing" the possibility that a Muslim terrorist who kills 13 soldiers just might be connected in some way to Muslim terrorism worldwide? I agree with the Fox News panelist on this one, who commented that William Webster needs to be fired for making such an idiotic statement as that.

What does Webster need to investigate Muslim terrorist ties to the traitor major, a mash note from Osama bin Laden saying "I did it!"?

As sickening as this whole mess is, there is one bright note: the female police officer who cut short the traitorous major's killing spree at the risk of her own life.

As she pulled up to the center, the officer, Sgt. Kimberly Denise Munley, spotted the gunman, later identified as Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, brandishing a pistol and chasing a wounded soldier outside the building, said Chuck Medley, the director of emergency services at the base.

Sergeant Munley — a woman with a fierce love of hunting, surfing and other outdoor sports — bolted from her car, yanked her pistol out and shot at Major Hasan. He turned on her and began to fire. She ran toward him, continuing to fire, and both she and Major Hasan went down with several bullet wounds, Mr. Medley said.
And this female hero has N.C. ties and even plans to move back here in the near future.

Sergeant Munley began her career as a police officer in the beachside town of Wrightsville, N.C., after graduating from high school in nearby Wilmington. She quickly earned a reputation for fearlessness, despite her stature. (She stands 5-foot-4.)

Her partner in Wrightsville, Investigator Shaun Appler, recalled how Sergeant Munley saved him one night when she wrestled a large man off him after the man had pinned him down and was trying to take his gun. She earned the nickname Mighty Mouse for that, he said.

“She’s a ball of fire,” Mr. Appler said. “She’s a real good cop.

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