Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama's 'crotch salute' for Old Glory on display at Ft. Hood

President Barack Hussein Obama's got that bowing-to-royalty thing down pat, at least when it comes to Arabs and Asians. Curiously, he had no bow for the Queen of England, leader of the nation we formerly had a "special relationship" with P.O. (Pre Obama).

But our rookie Dither-in-Chief is still having a lot of trouble with what to do with his hands when our National Anthem is played and Old Glory is honored.

You may recall that moment early in the 2008 presidential campaign when Hillary and other Democrats on stage saluted Old Glory with hands over hearts while Obama stood with his hands down, folded. That infamous photo has come to be known as "the crotch salute."

Well, the crotch salute is back. This photo was taken at the memorial service at Ft. Hood army base in Texas during the presentation of our flag. Note the other civilian on stage with hand over heart and the military members saluting the flag while Obama reprises his infamous crotch salute. While I respect the office of the President, this guy is disgracing it. As a veteran I gotta say, "Hey Obama, I got a crotch salute for you!"

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PolarBZ said...

You facts are incorrect. Research first, post second.