Sunday, April 4, 2010

Do not, repeat, DO NOT travel though New Jersey with a gun

If you're traveling with a gun via car, train, bus, airline, bicycle, motorcycle or shank's mare, take some good advice. Stay the hell out of New Jersey!

NRA's Outrage of the Week reports on a poor airline traveler passing through the Newark, N.J. airport with his locked-in-a-case gun per airline regulations and still ended up in the pokey.
After spending four days in a Newark jail cell, Revell was released on bail. Revell was eventually cleared of all charges, but he didn't get his firearm and other property back until almost three years later.
I heard of another case where some clueless hunters were headed up the Interstate with a long gun on a rack in the back window, which is required equipment in all pickups in Redneck country down where I live. They also had their hunting dogs in a travel kennel in the back of the truck.

New Jersey cops pull them for possession of the gun, lock them up and three days later when they finally make bail, they discover their dogs had died while locked unattended in the truck.

I say again, stay the hell out of New Jersey with your guns. Just don't do it.

And remember the New Jersey state motto: "Some of our politicians haven't been indicted yet."

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