Monday, April 19, 2010

Gunbroker Gun of the Day: Marlin 1894SS .44 Magnum Carbine

Shameless Commercial Plug:
In the 15 months I've worked at Village Pawn & Gun Shop, we've only have three Marlin Model 1894 Stainless .44 Magnum carbines in stock, two new ones and one used one.

I bought the first new one and we sold the second new one a few weeks ago. We now have our third in stock, a like-new one with everything but the factory box in minty condition.

I just listed it on gunbroker today for a mere $650 and it can now be yours.

I love mine so much I chose it as part of the header image of my shameless blog where I write about my guns, my God and grits, not necessarily in that order.

If you want a carbine that will swiftly and accurately dispense 10 rounds of .44 Magnum or .44 Special that will swiftly dispose of most two-legged or four-legged threats on the North American continent, this is it.

IMHO, this is a great home defense gun or hunting gun.

Marlin recently announced the closing of their long-time manufacturing plant in the northeast and the company owners have yet to announce where production will be resumed.

So my advice is if you want a Marlin .44 Magnum carbine, the time is now. If you wait a while, they might be available from the new plant, wherever it will be.

But as someone wise said, a bird in hand is worth five in the bush. And a Marlin carbine in hand might just save your life.

Mine is hanging on the wall behind me as I type this, right above my Ithaca 37 12 gauge pump riot gun. Neither is for sale because if trouble comes calling here at my house I will be using whichever comes to hand quickest, or maybe both. Get yours while you can.

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