Thursday, April 1, 2010

Stainless vs. Blue; Long-Tom vs. Snubby, a tale of two S&Ws

One of the life lessons I've learned in my year-plus working at a gun shop is something the daddy rabbit of the family-owned shop told me one day: "You can't buy them all."

And that is certainly a temptation daily when you see and handle such excellent examples of the finest workmanship in steel and wood of firearms manufacturers from around the world.

But my personal preference of all the makers is Smith & Wesson, particularly their revolvers. I really do wish I could buy them all.

Here's a couple of really fine examples I listed on gunbroker for the shop today to make my point, you could say the yin and yang of S&W wheel guns.

First photo is a S&W 10-5 .38 snubby, absolutely perfect blue steel and walnut in the original factory paper box. This little K-frame 6-shot is probably 30 years old or more, but the previous owner kept it in immaculate condition.

Then there's the other end of the spectrum, a stainless "Long Tom" Model 647 .17 HMR 6-shot K-frame with 8-3/8" barrel. Some gunsmith apparently polished the satin stainless finish and it also comes with a Nikon 2X scope mounted on a Leupold mount with rings. Now that's first class all the way.

I know I can't own them all but I just wish I had the money to buy this two. Until tomorrow and I'm sure my head will be turned by some new beauty at the shop.

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