Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Inside The Gun Locker: Carrying A Glock 10mm - Guns & Patriots

I love it when a gun "expert" agrees with me, as Robert Boatman at Guns & Patriots does. He writes about the virtues of that little-known pocket rocket, the Glock 29 subcompact 10mm, as the ultimate concealed-carry handgun.
Inside The Gun Locker: Carrying A Glock 10mm - HUMAN EVENTS

My G29 got a custom makeover by a Glock armorer in Kansas for a previous owner, who swapped it to me for my S&W 1076, an all-stainless 10mm that's written about in the above article. The 1076 is commander-size with a 4.25" barrel but it's a brick to carry around. My G29 holds more rounds, 10+1 vs. 9+1, and it's much more carry friendly, as well as a great shooter.

It's got a stippled frame with a grip reduction to the 1911 angle, a chromed slide, Trijicon night sights, a 3.5-lb. trigger and HD springs set up for Double-Tap 10mm ammo. It's about as good as a Glock can get, IMHO. I bought a full-size G20 10mm after I got the G29, but I seldom carried it so I sold it later.

If I was heading into Grizzly Bear country, my S&W .44 Magnum and my G29 would certainly go with me. And when I'm feeling like going loaded for bear down here in the flatlands, I carry my G29.

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