Friday, December 24, 2010

Steyr M-A1 and compact S-A1 get some well-deserved kudos

 My favorite Austrian striker-fired polymer pistol that hardly anybody ever heard of is the cover article of Combat Handguns March 2011 issue.
In August 2010, Steyr announced the new M-A1 and compact S-A1 pistols. The new models feature several significant design upgrades from the original pistols. The A1 series continues to be a polymer framed, double-action-only, striker-fired pistol that is designed for military, law enforcement, and the civilian market and is available in 9mm or .40. I recently had an opportunity to try out a full-size M40-A1 and compact S40-A1 for myself. The new models have retained the distinctive profile of the original design. The angle of the grip to the frame is 111 degrees. When combined with the high grip backstrap,the design places the center axis of the bore lower than with other designs. The design also gives the M a very natural point of aim and reduced recoil and muzzle rise.
 IMHO, the triangle/trapezoid are the best combat sights ever devised by man.