Thursday, December 16, 2010

ISSC Austrian president corrects my mistakes about link to GSG

I got a Dear John email from the head honcho at ISSC (I get a lot of those).
Dear John:

Just wanted to correct a few statements that appeared on your blog about the ISSC M22 pistol.

    1.  There is no connection whatsoever between ISSC and GSG.  We are not part of anyone's stable.  Our guns are manufactured entirely in our own factory in Austria. They are designed by Wolfram Kriegleder who previously worked for Walther and designed the P22.

    2.  The settlement with Glock does not stop us from importing the M22 pistol and our price reduction had nothing to do with any legal issues with Glock or anyone else. The price reduction is a reflection of the general slowdown in firearms sales and price reductions in competitive guns, particularly the Walther P22.

Otherwise, thank you for the free publicity.


Mike Weisser
President, ISSC, LLC
Nice to know somebody's reading my humble blog. I don't recall where, but I saw a website that combined GSG guns and ISSC guns, perhaps one of their distributors? Whatever, I was obviously mistaken to link the two companies together. And I still might have an ISSC M22 in my future, particularly at the lower price.

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