Friday, May 1, 2009

Demographics of faith have consequences for our future

Numbers don't lie and actions have consequences. Take seven minutes to watch the video below and consider what the future holds for America and Europe if current trends continue. Greg Hengler at sums up what the video tells us about our near future in this world.
So far, this video has 1,232,787 views! Devastating. Just devastating. More so when it is condensed to seven and a half minutes. Don't think there is not a direct correlation to the much touted polls showing a decline in faith to the decline in birthrates. Hedonism is the wide path and a greater number of us Western "civilized" folk are choosing to walk it. Problem is, Muslims are walking in the opposite direction on an even wider path.

The summation of this video is this: You can't fight something (faith in Allah) with nothing (faith in whatever god you created). Your god may be good -- in your eyes -- but what does he call you to do? What does he say about persecution? What does he say about dying? What does he say about giving birth? What does he say about other faiths or non-faiths? Whether you believe in Christ or not, the Christian God has a lot to say about all these questions, and has answers to all these predicaments.

The results of Western Civilization's choice to abandon the Judeo-Christian God speak louder than a million Christopher Hitchens' and Oprah Winfrey's. I pray for real change. I pray that God softens our hardened hearts so that we may receive Him. It's ours -- and our kids -- only hope.

A call to action indeed. If you're a Christian, pray God will intervene in the affairs of men. If you're not a Christian, all I can say is God help you, because the Islamic mullahs surely won't.

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