Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fun with a pair of .357 Sigs and a 9mm pocket pistol

Had some more fun at the range Saturday with my new Sig P229 SAS Gen2 and my almost-new S&W M&P Compact, both .357 Sig pistols.

I had four new mags for the P229 to test plus the M&P Compact still needs breaking in with only about 200-300 rounds through it.

The M&P Compact trigger is not nearly as user friendly as the trigger in my M&P full-size .357 Sig, so I'm hoping that as I shoot it, it will break in and get as smooth and slick at its big brother was and is right out of the box.

I ran one 12-rd. mag full of hollow points and four mags of FMJs and Speer CF Frangible through the Sig P229 standing at 10 yards, one at the head and the rest at the body of the 11x17" small red-man target shown at right.

And then I followed that with one 10-rd. mag and two 15-rd. mags with the M&P Compact, one at the head and the rest at the body.

All rounds with both pistols were rapid fire as quickly as I could get the sights back on the target after each shot.

A few rounds landed off the paper but the vast majority were in the "kill zone."

Then I fired one 8-rd. magazine from my Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm back-up pistol to try out a new carry load, Hornady Critical Defense 115-gr. FTX.

I was aiming at the thumbnail-size little redman in the top-left corner of the 11x17" target, standing at 10 yards.

Six of the 8 landed in the region of the thumbnail, with one in the red and one in the rectangle.

Total spread of those six is about 4-5", which isn't bad with a 3"-barrel pocket pistol.

I use the PF-9 for my "church gun" as a sole carry and backup the rest of the time and for an inexpensive pocket pistol, it has surprisingly good accuracy. If you take your time and squeeze off rounds, you can put 'em where you want 'em.

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