Friday, May 22, 2009

Mr. Irrelevant makes another speech with no content

What if the President of the United States made a speech, but a tree didn't fall in the woods where nobody was around to hear it? The obvious answer is the press and the leftwingnuts would still applaud, whether there was any actual content or not. And so far, I have yet to hear any of the multitudinous blather of Obama that had any content whatsoever. "Blah, blah, blah...Bush did it!"

Our juvenile "never run anything but his mouth" (copyright Jesse Jackson on Obama) President is proving himself daily to be Mr. Irrelevant. He reminds me of my daughter's first full sentence at about the age of 2. "Robby did it!" Her older brother Robby was her convenient scapegoat for anything she might possibly be blamed for. "Layla! Have you messed your diaper?" With a straight face, this little blonde beauty would look at me and say "Robby did it!" and continue playing.

And for lo these first 100+ days, the only memorable words Obama has yet to utter are repeated over and over again ad nauseum, "Bush did it!" But finally, Mr. Irrelevant has reached a new low even for him. He has changed his tune to "Cheney did it!"

Yesterday, we were treated to the ridiculous theater of the President of the United States scheduling a speech deliberately just before the weeks-long-scheduled speech of the former Vice President of the United States, to rebut Dick Cheney's comments in advance.

How irrelevant do you have to be to try to one-up the former VP of the previous administration?

President Obama on Thursday vigorously defended his decision to close the Guantanamo Bay detention site but said some terrorist suspects would be held indefinitely, setting up the prospect of a painstaking fight with Congress over relocating detainees to the United States and disappointing supporters critical of what they saw as a concession to Bush-era policies.

The announcement came midway through a 50-minute address, which kicked off a highly public and impassioned debate between Mr. Obama and former Vice President Dick Cheney over how far the government should go to defend itself from terrorism - a back and forth that transfixed Washington and much of the nation...

But it was the give and take with Mr. Cheney that made the day memorable and historically significant.

Mr. Cheney's speech at the institute had been scheduled for a few weeks, and it appeared that the White House intentionally scheduled Mr. Obama's speech so that it fell right before the former vice president's. The White House has already in its four months handpicked conservative figures with low popularity ratings or who are repellent to moderates, such as radio-show host Rush Limbaugh, as foils for them to fight against publicly.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said "there was an awareness that [Mr. Cheney] was speaking, but the speech wasn't scheduled because he was speaking on a certain day."

And while I'm writing about irrelevant idiots in high office, if you thought that doofus who was briefly press secretary for President Bush (whathisname who wrote the book) was the most clueless White House press flack in history, Robert Gibbs is one-upping him spectacularly. Gibbs is such a doofus, even the liberal-leftwing press (pardon my repetition) is making jokes about him.

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