Sunday, July 12, 2009

How dare you question my patriotism! OK, I dare

Growing up as a redneck Southerner, there was one thing you better never do. Dare me. Then I'd have to do it or bust hell wide open. So I'll still take a dare today even though I'm way too old. Not.

The political lexicon of the day is that liberal leftwingnuts can say or do anything that's blatantly unpatriotic, such as not putting your hand over your heart during the playing of the National Anthem for instance, and then if criticized the response is: "How dare you question my patriotism!"

I dare, sir, because if I had been at that political rally back early in the presidential campaign when Hillary, Bill Richardson from New Mexico and the other Democrats all stood respectfully with hands over hearts as The Star-Spangled Banner played while Barack Hussein Obama did not, I woulda climbed on stage and cold-cocked him.

I dare, Nancy Pelosi, because the men and women of the CIA have an unblemished track record of zero terrorist attacks on American soil since 9/11 and you, ma'am, are as full of crap as a Christmas turkey when you claim the CIA lied to you about waterboarding terrorists. A grand total of three, count 'em three, rag heads got water in the face to save our country from another attack and what did you do, Nancy, but attack the people who were fighting to defend us?

You, ma'am, and you, BHO, are not only not patriots, I doubt you even know how to be one.

I dare, Harry Reid and John Murtha, to opine that you're neither any kind of patriot when you declare "the war is lost" even as it's being won on the ground in Iraq, or call our Marines murderers when they're accused by a bunch of lying terrorists who routinely kill women and children, blow up churches and schools and commit terror in the name of some other "god."

A patriot is not only someone who loves his country -- and does not go on world apology tours -- but a patriot is also someone who serves his country. Nancy Pelosi's idea of service is commandering military aircraft to ferry her and her buddies to an anti-war party in San Fran.

Harry Reid and John Murtha's idea of service is sucking on the public tit their whole lives and giving back nothing, nada, not a mumblin' minute of genuine, self-sacrificing service.

Genuine service is when a Marine, sailor, soldier or airman, lays down his or her life for our nation on a foreign battlefield so far from home it's not even on the geographic radar of the average American. Iraq? Afghanistan? Most Americans couldn't find either on a map. But our servicemen and women not only know where they are, they've been there, multiple times, and are still there right now, putting their lives on the line for BHO, Nancy, Harry and ex-Marine Murtha. (BTW, Murtha joins Lee Harvey Oswald as the only two ex-Marines in history.)

Genuine patriots not only fight for their country, they also send their sons and daughters off to war and pray for them daily and visit them on the battlefields, as the much-despised-by-the-left Sarah Palin has done and no doubt will do again. Real patriotism and real service is what the men and women in uniform of our armed services or the thin blue line of our police forces here at home do every day: put their lives on the line to fight and defend all that we hold dear.

Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. That's genuine love of country, that's a real patriot. Nancy Pelosi, Jack Murtha, Harry Reid and BHO would have to stand on each other's shoulders to stack up high enough to kiss a real patriot's ass!

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