Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why the leftwingnuts hate Sarah... and why America loves her

Janice Shaw Crouse at asks the big question about Sarah Palin: Why do the leftwingnuts and the so-called mainstream media hate her so much?
Why, in the wake of her resignation as Governor of Alaska, do the mainstream media continue their efforts to destroy Sarah Palin? What right do the likes of Maureen Dowd and her ilk have to continue their mean-spirited attempts to besmirch and tarnish Palin’s success in politics by their scornful attacks on her and her family? She is beautiful and accomplished, has a hunk of a manly-man as a husband, and lovely children, but the media elites continue on a warpath of ridicule and derision. Her family’s success is denigrated; they are described as “blue-collar” or derided as Alaskan “hillbillies.” Previously, children of politicians were protected, but the Palin children have been subjected to unprecedented vitriol.

...Yet while the character assassination continues, SarahPac, Palin’s political action committee, has raised $733,000 since it was formed at the end of January, with an additional $200,000 raised in the few weeks since she announced her resignation. While there is hopeful speculation by the left that Palin is leaving politics, it is highly unlikely. Even if she does, her time in the spotlight of the 2008 election and its aftermath made significant advances for conservatives and women. It’s time for American women to say “thank you” to Sarah Palin.
Then Crouse outlines four reasons why the left hates Sarah ... and why the rest of Americans love her. Read the whole thing.
1. Palin illustrates that a woman can be feminine while being a strong, smart leader.

Palin illustrates that a woman can be happily married, have children, and maintain her family priorities while pursuing a demanding career.

Palin’s drawing power as a highly sought after public speaker clearly demonstrates that a woman with conservative values represents the ideal for a vast number of American women.

4. Palin illustrates that a woman can handle the glare of the spotlight and the attacks of the mainstream media.

Sarah Palin is clearly a pioneer. Typically, female leaders are single or, if married, childless. Also, when married they are usually married to older, wealthy men; often they are second wives to a man who already has raised a family with a first wife. Sarah Palin appeals to women who want to “have it all” –– including staying happily married to the love of their youth … and bearing his children.

It is no wonder that she appeals to women who want to live the American dream of fulfilling their own potential while helping their husbands and children fulfill theirs. Thank you, Sarah Palin! You proved it can be done.

And thank you, Janice Shaw Crouse, for cutting through the crud to the crux of the "Sarah" issue. I still think Sarah Palin is "the best man for the job" in returning our nation to sanity.

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