Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My new Gun Shop career-change launches today

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Really. I got laid off yesterday at my full-time job as a technical writer/photographer for a local industry. A recession is when other folks are getting laid off. A depression is when you get laid off. But I ain't in no depression. The Good Lord looks out for fools and drunks and me, too. I have already been working part-time in a local gun shop and today I start my latest new career, full-time. I've been keeping pretty busy just doing gunbroker.com pages for one gun shop. Now I plan to add two or three or four more, as many as it takes to add up to one full-time job. Let's see, I started out in '75 right out of Missouri U J-School as a photojournalist and since I've worked at newspapers doing that, worked for a health-food business as webmaster and catalog creator, worked as a full-time web developer for an Internet business, worked for myself as a web designer (poorest paying boss I ever had), taught classes in web design and Photoshop at a community college and then worked as a technical writer/photographer for the past four and half years. And guess what business ain't suffering from the recession but is actually booming? Gun shops. Is God's plan perfect or what?

So this is career change number six and counting. Time to go to work. See y'all later. Among the many things I love about working at the gun shop is I can go to work with open carry. Hoo-ra!

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