Thursday, January 1, 2009

What iz it? It'z a Browning BDM 9mm Ambi Pistol

One of my gun nut buddies identified the "What iz it" gun photo I posted earlier. Ain't it great to have gun nut buddies all over the world linked up on the Wide Wonderful Web?

I shoulda known, it's a Browning. See that little Buckmark logo at the top of the grip right behind the trigger? That's what detectives call a clue.

Next photo down is a Browning BDM from the World Guns site, which gives the nomenclature.

"BDM stands for the Browning Double Mode (or Dual Mode), and it means that the pistol can be had in either traditional Double Action mode or in Double Action Only Mode ... in the same gun, and the change of mode can take a split a second, not more.

"It is done via the small slotted switch in the left side of the slide. The switch has two positions, marked "P" and "R". P stands for Pistol, or DA mode, R stands for revolver, or DAO mode. The switch can be turned from one position to another by any sharp-tipped tool such a knife, screwdriver or even a coin. BDM is equipped with ambidextrous, frame-mounted safety / decocker levers. To engage safety (and decock the hammer in DA mode) one must pull the lever down, and the lever will stay in this position. To disengage safety the lever must be pulled up, so a red dot will show on the frame."

And the last photo is a current Browning by FN, the Hi-Power Mark II 9mm, which also a lefty-friendly thumb safety on the right side in addition to one on the normal left side for righties.

Mystery solved. I'll be on the lookout for one of those Browning BDMs, now out of production.

Another of my gun nut buddies also came up with a link to a fellow gun nut who hacked an inch off the grip and 3/4" off the slide and barrel to create a short Browning BDM.

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