Friday, January 30, 2009

What does it mean to be a Republican?

As somebody said, it's always darkest just before it gets pitch black. But in this winter of discontent for all conservatives and Republicans who aren't RINOs, I'm beginning to get a bit hopeful. The complete boycott of Obama's "economic stimulus bill" (AKA "crap sandwich") by Republicans in the House is hopefully the beginning of the return to sanity by the party I've been a member of since James Earl Carter Jr. ran me out of the Democrat party in 1977. I said then that never again would I vote for a liberal Democrat. (I sorta broke that pledge to vote for Hillary in the primary, but Rush told me to, so I did it. It didn't work to stop the Obama nomination, but at least I can say I tried.)

Anyway, here's a video from the "Rebuild the Party" YouTube channel that gives me hope.

Let us work together to return the GOP to Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin and the proud traditions and principles laid down by Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

And speaking of Rush Limbaugh, guess who Obama has already decided is his Enemy # Uno? I'll give this to the President, he's right about this. Rush led the charge that gave the House Republicans the backbone to unanimously refuse to swallow Obama's "crap sandwich" stimulus.

And MSNBC, surprise, surprise, doesn't like Rush one little bit, calling the GOP vote "a big mistake" for failing to bow down to His High and Mighty Obamaness. Oh really? We shall see. Last opinion poll I read shows the public support for the "stimulus" plan is sinking fast, already well below a majority, down to 42 percent.

Thank God for Rush Limbaugh. He may be the Moses to lead us from the wilderness. Again.

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