Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ruger playing shell game with new Tatical Mini-14

Ruger is playing "hide the assault weapon," for some strange reason.

Now you see it, now you don't is the game Ruger Firearms is playing with a new Tactical Mini-14 with folding stock. What's up wid dat? Here's the image that was on the site, nabbed by Firearm Blog, plus a screen cap from the Ruger site before the page disappeared.

Certainly good news for Gun Nutz 'R' Us, a folding tactical stock for a Mini-14, just in time for the Obama Assault Weapons Ban, coming to a gun store near you as soon as he can.

Features, from the now-missing page at the Ruger site, are:
* Folding and collapsible stock
* Ergonomic pistol grip
* 20 round magazine
* Quad rails
* Polymer stock
What's not to like? Personally I was leaning more toward the Ruger Mini-14 Target Model, which does something no Mini-14 has done before, hit exactly what you're shooting at, as in:
"The heavy barrel Mini-14® Target Rifle delivers minute of angle accuracy when tuned using the adjustable harmonic dampener."
Regular Mini-14s deliver something closer to hour of angle accuracy, sorta in the same ballpark, but it's a semi-auto so you can saturate the zone with 20 rounds of .223, as in spray and pray.

But if you're gonna shoot a spray and pray model, it is nice to have folding stock on it. Whatever.

Just thought I'd post something on guns on a Sunday evening and this is it. See y'all later.

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