Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Second Coming of James Earl Carter Jr./III?

You gotta love somebody who agrees with you and Michael Medved read my mind this morning by comparing the early days of President Obama's administration to the disastrous presidency of James Earl Carter Jr, who Medved calls "the century's worst president."

Back during the campaign it occurred to me that Obama's promises to bring the wonders of socialism to our government sounded a lot like Jimmy Carter and I created the campaign poster at right for a blog post. BTW, that guy on the right looks like Carter with whiskers, but it's not, it's another famous socialist, Lenin. Same, same. I picked him because Obama's own campaign icon of himself bears a striking resemblance to Lenin's huge posters of himself hung all over mother Russia. And like Lenin demanded and got of the masses in Russia, the mainstream media and masses were then and now bowing down in worship of their new messiah, Socialist Barack Obama.

Here's a bit from Medved's reflections on the second coming of Jimmy Carter:

In the sweep of recent history, James Earl Carter, Jr., stands utterly alone in leading his party to capture the White House with overwhelming Congressional majorities (61 Senators, 292 members of the House – far bigger margins than Obama!) and then, after a brief four year demonstration of almost unimaginable ineptitude, handing the reins of government back to the opposition.

In looking ahead to the Obama administration, no one wants an economic or foreign policy repetition of the nightmarish Carter years – the Republic can hardly afford that sort of long-term damage.

But GOP loyalists should legitimately hope that the new president does manage to follow Little Jimmy’s political example – repeating the Carteresque feat of losing the presidency for his party after a single term of office.

In this regard, President Obama’s first week has already provided a promising start—displaying some of the nastiness, small-mindedness, insecurity, and self-righteousness that notably characterized the Georgia Peanut. The Inaugural Address included graceless digs at President Bush that undermined the promised theme of “unity,” while touchy, grumpy comments to the White House press corps stunned reporters who had previously displayed their infatuation with the new president. The odd remarks scolding Republicans with a reminder that “I won” and warning them not to listen to Rush Limbaugh, hardly characterize a self-confident, optimistic, coalition-building leader in the style of FDR, JFK or Ronald Reagan.

Maybe, like Carter, Obama will bury himself in his own hubris and we'll get rid of him in just four years. That's about as optimistic as I can get. But good Lord, he can do a lot of damage in four years. Will we still have a republic standing after four years of Obama-Carter socialism?

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