Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My first snubby: Charter Arms .327 Federal Magnum

Bought my first snubby today. When I discovered that one of the Charter Arms Patriot .327 Federal Magnum revolvers at the gun store where I work was one of the first 1,000 released and included a free $50 Kershaw knife, that made the decision for me. Who can resist a pistol and a good knife?

The Kershaw is one of those quick-openers, much faster than my Gerber, so I'll start carrying it tomorrow. The snubby will have to wait until this weekend when I get a chance to shoot it. Bought a box of Federal American Eagle 100-grain jacketed soft points to try it out and may get the Speer 115-gr. Gold Dots and 85-gr. Federal HydraShoks to try out also.

From what I've read on reviews of the .327 Federal Magnum it offers ballistics quite close to .357 Magnum but recoil in the .38 Special range.

What I really wanted was a Charter Bulldog .44 Special snubby, but we didn't have one at the store and I woulda had to wait for a special order. When I found out about the free knife with the .327, that sealed the deal. And it didn't hurt that the Patriot holds six rounds vs. five for the Bulldog .44. Of course, if five rounds of .44 Special won't solve your problem, you probably aren't going to survive anyway.

Range report to come Saturday if the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise.

Anybody here got any experience with .327 Mag? It's available now in Ruger SP101s and Taurus snubbies as well as Charter Arms. And Charter also offers it in a 4" barrel target version, so I'm adding that to my list. And a Bulldog .44 snubby and a .44 Bulldog Target and ... and ...

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