Friday, March 20, 2009

Presidential incompetent idiocy or political psychopathy?

What a twofer. First our Commander in Chief tries to stiff our wounded veterans with their hospital bills. For life. When the hue and cry got loud enough all across the land -- even some Democrats couldn't swallow that one -- Mr. O backed water.

So he takes a break for some comic relief and appears on the Leno show (in between working on his brackets for the NCAA tourney and saving the world from economic collapse) and while chatting with Jayman manages to insult all mentally and physically handicapped people by making an unfunny crack comparing his two-digit bowling game to the Special Olympics.

Then he follows up that side-splitter with a remark about "water heads" which anyone with half a brain knows is a disparaging term for Down's Syndrome children.

So what does Mr. O do when he's not stiffing wounded vets or making fun of the handicapped?

Pull the wings off flies? Set cats on fire? Drown puppies? Do we have our very first President who's a political psychopath? Or is he just an incompetent idiot? A Presidential I.I. isn't quite as bad as a Presidential P.P., so I guess I'm hoping it's the latter and not the former. God help us.

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