Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ruger Mini-14 Tactical Rifle arrives in Stainless Steel

The gun shop where I work just got its first Ruger Tactical Rifle with the ATI collapsible and folding stock. Here it is, but get ready for sticker shock. This one's stainless and the opening bid is $925 on gunbroker. Ruger doesn't even list a stainless model, their site has Tacticals in blue only.

But considering that the cheapest AR rifles in .223 are going for upwards of $1,200, with typical prices reaching past $2K, maybe that Ruger Mini 14 Tactical ain't so pricey after all.

At least here's one gun I'm not lusting after. I've never caught the .223 bug yet. I'm more of a 30'06 or .308 kinda guy. Old fashioned I know, but then, I'm old, so I got a right to be.

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