Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bitter, backwoods God and guns lovers threaten DHS

I've been thinking about how to comment on the idiotic Department of Homeland Security report about us dangerous God-and-guns-loving-bitter-backwoods-right-wing-extremists, but just haven't been able to get a round tuit.

And lo and behold (that's a Bible quote in case you missed it, DHS listeners) along comes Doug Giles, who has such a way with words I'll just let him speak for me on that topic. His latest column is about The Department of Homegrown Stupidity.

Let’s see, according to the Whitehouse’s Wizards of Obfuscation, who are the terror threats America needs to be on the lookout for? Is it anti-American douches like Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright? Nope. Is it G20esque smelly-as-a-goat-scrotum eco freaks? Wrong again. Is it Muslim radicals who are sprinkled about our country in both covert sleeper cells and plain as hell death camps? Quit being silly, that’s so yesterday. I know, I know, our cultural Dennis the Menaces are the drug cartels and their rabble that are pouring through our southern borders and kidnapping our kids? No, you lunatic, Pepe ain’t the problem. Quit being so judgmental. Hey-Soos said, “Thou shalt not judge.”

No, serfs of Obamaland, the bad people, the extremists, according to the Department of Homegrown Stupidity are the peaceful millions who love God and the Constitution and are sick of watching the clowns in the Whitehouse drive our country into an economic and moral ditch of which there isn’t a tow truck big enough to winch it out of.

Essentially, the folks everyone in America needs to be on the watch for are . . . themselves, the American soldiers and civilians who don’t do the grinning bobble-head nod when Barack spends our kids’ cash, bows to a Saudi king, trashes our Judeo-Christian heritage and disses the USA on EU soil. Yep, the terrorist threat is now folks like you, me and millions and millions of other peaceful patriots who are waking up to the fact that we are being screwed, glued and tattooed while being utterly ignored.

Don't hold back now Doug. Tell us what you really think about the DHS and BHO's ratpack.

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