Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Understanding Obama's Anti-American Tour of Latin America

If you don't read Washington Times editor emeritus Wesley Pruden's twice-weekly columns, you're missing one of the sharpest minds in the news business, though that is faint praise these days. Pruden's analysis today is about Obama's current Anti-American Tour in Latin America, where Pruden says The insults were only for America.

Only Barack Obama knows what's in his heart, but there's the possibility, not heretofore considered by his critics, that the blundering loose tongue he packs with his teleprompter, scorning the dignity and good name of his country for the cheap applause of tin-pot dictators eager to throw rotten bananas at their betters, comes easy and naturally to him.

This wouldn't be one of Dr. Freud's difficult cases. He was born to a mother obsessed with the pursuit of inappropriate men who would treat her badly, abandoned by his father from Kenya, uprooted again from life with a stepfather in Indonesia and ultimately raised by a grandmother he would later publicly scold for her presumed racial bigotry. Why wouldn't he feverishly pursue sanction and esteem, however mindless much of it would be, wherever he could find it?

Only a man with a screwed-up psyche, the likes of which we've probably never had in the White House before, would fly off to foreign shores to campaign against his predecessor and to offer abject apologies to anyone listening for the harm he imagines his country did to others, while carefully excluding himself from any of the criticism.

All for the embrace, physical and otherwise, of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez, of Evo Morales and Danny Ortega. Most of us would say, in word or deed, "insult my country, dude, and you're insulting me, so back off." But this is the kind of fierce pride in home, kith and kin that Barack Obama never knew; he even married a woman who said she never felt love of country until her husband reached the front gate of the White House.

Read the whole thing and perhaps you'll have a better handle on who Obama is and why he does the seemingly incredibly stupid and unpatriotic things he does as President of the United States.

Frankly I gotta say having our first psycopathic president is scaring the heck outa me. Rush Limbaugh essentially says the same thing in this 10-minute interview about Obama's tour.

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