Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rookies and Idiots Rule! (And other depressing news)

Been busier than a one-handed paper hanger working at the shop this week, so haven't had time for any blogging since briefly early Wednesday. Plus it's been a week with disaster upon disaster rolling out with great regularity from the bunch of rookies and idiots in charge in Washington, so all the news is bad. I don't know about you, but it's depressing to see what a train wreck this Obama administration is turning out to be.

But I've got a few minutes before I head to work this morning for a concealed-carry class at the gun shop so I just had to post a quote or two from Mike Gallagher's column on

First, here's a multiple-guess test about the terrible, gruesome practice of waterboarding torture which Gallagher offers.

I watched former New York Times reporter Judith Miller wail about waterboarding on Fox News this week. She complained that she can barely complete reading the released documents because they are so grisly and awful.

I wonder how she compares putting a caterpillar in a cell with a bad guy to taking a knife and slicing off the head of a screaming college kid in front of a rolling video camera?

Rep. Pete Hoeskstra was a guest on my radio show and repeated something that the released documents about interrogation revealed. Do you know how many people our country “waterboarded” over six years ago?

Based on the hysteria we’ve been hearing, surely it’s a big number, right?

Well let’s take a multiple choice test.

How many suspected terrorists have we waterboarded?

A) 500
B) 1200
C) 3
D) 900
The answer, of course, is C.

Three people.

We poured water in the mouths of three stinking, miserable, murderous terrorists. And you’d think we re-enacted the Crusades.

Out of the thousands of terrorists we’ve managed to kill or capture, three people were subjected to waterboarding. And that causes bleeding heart liberals like Judith Miller seem to want to break out in tears and move to France.

It’s positively disgusting.

I have to believe Americans are paying attention. Thousands and thousands of us took to the streets last week in peaceful, spirited demonstrations against the way this country is headed.

And while I'm stealing from Gallagher, here's his summation of recent events about Obama.

Let’s sum up just the past couple of weeks: President Obama goes to Europe and the Middle East, bowing and scraping (literally, just ask King Abdullah) and apologizing for the United States of America.

His Treasury Secretary announces that banks needing “exceptional assistance” under the TARP bail-out could be forced by his administration to make management changes akin to those that occurred with General Motors.

His Homeland Security Secretary sends a memo to law enforcement agencies warning them to be on the lookout for returning veterans and citizens who believe in state’s rights and are against abortion because we’re potentially violent “right-wing extremists.”

Later, this same Homeland Security disaster tells an interviewer that the 9/11 terrorists came across the Canadian border; this, on the heels of her stated position on CNN that sneaking across the border isn’t a crime, it’s a civil matter.

Obama rejects the advice of his own CIA director and decides to release specific details about the interrogation tactics our intelligence community used against some suspected terrorists, demoralizing and humiliating the men and women who are in the unenviable position of trying desperately to keep this country safe from another 9/11.

The president says that he has no intention of fulfilling the crazies’ desire to prosecute members of the Bush Administration who devised harsh interrogation tactics for harsh, murderous terrorists and then, a week later, changes his mind and leaves the door open for going after members of our intelligence community, all while seemingly ignoring the chorus of voices around him that are confirming that the tactics have actually worked.

If George Bush had such a disaster-plagued couple of weeks, I think the editors of the New York Times would be literally storming the White House with pitchforks and torches. First 100 days, indeed.

God help us, the juveniles are in power and our great nation may not survive the chaos.

And speaking of The New York Times, I gotta admit I'm an online subscriber and scan the headlines every morning. Old habits of 30+ years as a journalist are hard to break and the NYT is supposedly the leading newspaper in the country. But mostly these days, I scan the headlines and delete the email without reading a single article in the Gray Lady. They call the paper that because it's never been flashy and avoided color for many years, sticking to black and white.

But in recent years, the Noo Yawk Times has gone so far into left field they've met themselves coming back around a hairpin turn and become a train wreck of journalism transformed into a warmed-version of the Huffington Post or bloggers. Giving away national secrets is their most cherished recent tradition and no terrorist is too vile to be coddled by the Times.

So the news that the NYT is about to go under, at least for the print edition, is sweet justice from the marketplace. There's a reason that Fox News is so far in the lead in ratings that all the other news outlets are fighting for 10th place. Fox really is fair and balanced and after them, there's a host of leftwingnuts masquerading as journalists.

And when the NYT is being kept afloat with loans from a mysterious Mexican benefactor named Carlos Slim, that might be a sign that business is not doing well. Say good night Gracie.

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