Friday, April 3, 2009

Like-New .45 ACP BHP Shooter needs a good home

Another of my "too big to carry pistols" is up for sale on gunbroker, my Like-New Browning Hi-Power .45 ACP clone, an FEG GKK-45 made in Hungary during the Cold War and imported into the U.S. by KBI Inc.

It's a great shooter with 8-rd. magazines of my first love in pistol calibers, .45 ACP, and I hate to let it go. But us poor, bitter, backwoods, God-clinging rednecks have to make some sacrifices in these troubled times, since this particular redneck ain't got enough money to buy more carry pistols without selling off some of my full-size pistols.

When I bought it, I found the existing 3-White-Dot sights shot about 2-3 inches low, which is close enough for most folks but not yours truly. So I bought and had installed an LPA rear sight fully adjustable for windage and elevation to replace the existing dovetailed rear sight. Then I discovered with the LPA rear sight adjusted all the way down, it shoots about 1-2 inches high!

But I found if you draw a fine bead without about half of the front White-Dot sight peeping through the LPA rear sight, you can shoot the hairs off a gnat's behind. Close enough.

Ships with original FEG Two-White-Dot Dovetailed Rear Sight, LPA Rear Sight package with Sight Adjustment Tool and Allen Wrench, (1) 8-rd. FEG GKK-45 magazine and (4) 8-rd. ProMag GKK-45 magazines.

The Browning Hi-Power 9mm pistol is the last design of famous arms inventor John M. Browning and was completed after his death by others, first manufactured in 1935 by Browning Arms of Belgium. Most shooters say the grip angle of the Browning Hi-Power is the most comfortable and natural pointing of all pistols, exceeding Browning's most famous design, the 1911 pistol.

Following World War II, the Browning Hi-Power became the leading military pistol in France, England and thoughout Western Europe and was copied behind the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe.

FEG of Hungary, the Hungarian national military arms manufacturer, copied the Browning Hi-Power 9mm design during the Cold War and supplied the Hungarian army with small arms. FEG also improved the BHP 9mm design by replacing the Browning Single-Action trigger (with its awful heavy pull) with a Double-Action/Single-Action trigger design copied from Smith & Wesson.

KBI Inc. of Harrisburg, Pa., imported FEG Browning Hi-Power pistols into the U.S. starting in the 1980s, first the 9mm and later the FEG .45 ACP. The FEG .45 ACP GKK-45 has a DA/SA trigger and is a slightly larger version of the classic Browning Hi-Power in 9mm, scaled up for .45 ACP.

KBI Inc. is owner of Charles Daly and though it is no longer importing FEG pistols from Hungary, the company still provides parts and service for all FEG pistols KBI previously imported.

I pray there's a .45 ACP and Browning Hi-Power enthusiast out there somewhere that will give my GKK-45 a good home and shoot it with pleasure for many years to come.


Jim Martens said...

If you still have the GKK .45 and are willing to part with 1 to 3 of those magazines for a respectable price I would be intersted. thanks

Jim Martens said...
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