Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gun shop sales and gunbroker sales slowing back to "normal"

The gun boom is officially over. Business has slowed to "normal" at the gun shop where I work and gunbroker is also slowed to a walk or even a crawl instead of a steady run.

We currently have 750 auctions running on gunbroker and for the past while we're getting few sales and tons of offers to trade old wore-out junk for our new or top-quality used guns. Thanks for the offer, but we'll pass.

Like the gentleman today who wants to trade his Winchester 70 .300 H&H Magnum for our Colt Cobra.

Now with all due respect, Winchester 70s are fine guns, but we've already got at least two or three used ones selling for less than $500. And the folks in our area don't do a lot of elephant hunting so there ain't much call for .300 H&H Magnum rifles.

And anything with the Colt pony on it is always a good seller, particular a fine double-action revolver like the Cobra. So let's think about this. Should be trade for a rifle we'll probably die with before we sell it for our Colt Cobra?

Don't think so.

I know Obama's busy with the gulf oil spill at the moment, but I wish he'd find time to say something mean about grabbing our guns. The gun business needs a shot in the arm or a kick in the pants right about now.

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