Sunday, June 13, 2010

More guns in hands of Americans while firearm-death rate drops

P.S. to the N.C. crime rate vs. concealed-carry permits post below.

National statistics show gun possession is steadily rising while firearm-death rates are steadily dropping.
Conclusions: Obviously, both the population of America and the number of firearms in America have been increasing over the past 26 years. Additionally, the number of firearms has been, very slightly, increasing faster than the population.
On the other hand, firearm-related deaths have declined, despite a significant bump in the early 1990s. Those deaths have very slowly started increasing again in the past five years, but at a rate roughly commensurate with the population’s.
And on the third hand, the rate of firearm deaths in relation to both population and number of firearms has been steadily decreasing (with a few bumps, here and there) over the course of the 26 years graphed.
This post graphically demonstrates that the hypothesis that more firearms result in more firearm-related deaths is historically and demonstrably false.
 Need I say more?

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