Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Irwindale Arms 10mm Longslide Javelina is a hog-hunter's delight

I quit hunting decades ago and since the sweet wife and I settled into our home in Rockingham, NC, in 2002, I've turned into such a city boy that we even feed the squirrels. Seriously.

We've got a squirrel feeder in the front yard to feed the white squirrels in our neighborhood, but of course the regular gray ones pig out too.

But after all the gray squirrels that I sent to squirrel heaven during my hunting years, I figure they're due a break now in my "golden years."

But if I was going to hunt again, hog hunting is the kind of sport I could get into, the wild kind of course.

And if I was wanting to go hog hunting, here's the handgun for it we just purchased at the gun shop where I work.

It's a 10mm stainless Javelina longslide Hunting Model, made in 1990-91 by Irwindale Arms Inc. of Irwindale, Ca., the company that later was bought out by AMT and made the series of AutoMag pistols from .22 Magnum to .44 Magnum and larger.
- 10mm cal., semi-auto, 5 (disc. 1991) or 7 in. barrel, 8 shot mag., Millett adj. sights, wraparound Neoprene grips, stainless steel, wide adj. trigger, long grip safety, 48 oz. Mfg. 1990-91.
If you're a hog hunter, this Javelina is just for you, only a mere $850 buy-it-now on Gunbroker.com

P.S. Too late, already sold. Damn that was quick. We musta had it priced too low. Live and learn.

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