Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ruger LCP-TEX "Coyote Special" sets gunbroker record for fast sale

We have a new record for Gunbroker auctions posted for the gun shop where I work.

Today at exactly 3:23:10 PM I posted an auction for the new Ruger LCP-TEX, the "Coyote Special" in honor of Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

At exactly 4:04:02 PM today a gentleman from Nagodoches, Texas, bought that LCP-TEX. I ain't real good at math, but that's around 31 minutes more or less for an auction to sell. God bless Texas!

I gotta say all our best gunbroker customers come from Texas. They don't try to haggle down our already low prices, they just buy-it-now and pay up quickly. Hardly ever have any trouble from a Texas customer. Wish I could say that about some other states, which I shall not name to protect the guilty.

I thought a particularly nice touch for sales P.R. is what the distributor had Ruger stamp on the LCP-TEX boxes, "For Sale To Texans Only."

Here's my auction text:
New In Box: Ruger LCP™-TEX "Coyote Special" .380 ACP Double-Action-Only Semi-Auto Pistol, Model 03708, 2.75" black alloy-steel barrel, black alloy-steel slide, right slide white laser-etched "Coyote Special", left slide etched "A True Texan" and top of slide etched with coyote howling at the moon and a Texas State Star; black Glass-Filled Nylon frame with checkered grips with embossed Ruger logos, fixed sights, (1) 6-rd. magazine. Ships in factory carton with (1) magazine finger-rest extension, Ruger gun rug, fired cartridge, padlock, manual and registration card.
The special edition Ruger LCP is in honor of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who used his Ruger LCP to dispatch a rabid coyote which attacked his dog while the governor was out jogging. The factory box is marked "For Sale To Texans Only" but if you have the spirit of a Texan, we'll sell you one. 
Even if you ain't a Texan but just want to be one in spirit, you can have one, too. I relisted the auction and for as long as our supplies of LCP-TEX last, it can be yours for a mere $360 buy-it-now on

P.S. Auction no. 2 lasted a little over two hours and we sold another one. We got a hot one here with two Texans buying the first two Coyote Specials. Here's auction number three. Let's see how long it lasts.

P.S.2 Or should it be 3? Number three LCP-TEX sold shortly after number two and we're outa stock. Looking for more but none so far. Ruger has suddenly got a very hot special edition going.

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Anonymous said...

i read on another website that the coyote is a "chick carry." i am interested in it for that very reason (i am a girl, lol). i'm not sure i have the spirit of a texan (i lived there for 2 years and married a guy from tx), but i do need a 9mm that's easy to carry. hoping to find one near me (east tn) to heft and see how i like it.