Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Concealed-carry law loosens up a bit in Noo Yawk City -- really

Good news for the Big Apple, concealed-carry laws are getting a bit more user-friendly up there, where until recently you had to be God or a member of the mayor's bodyguard corps to pack heat in the Big City.
Some of the most prominent residents of an island in the North Atlantic Ocean called Manhattan have recently acquired licenses to carry concealed weapons.
Fox News chief Roger Ailes and one of his best-known political commentators, Sean Hannity, are on a growing list of marquee city dwellers with permits to tote their firearms under wraps.
The roster includes syndicated radio pottymouth Howard Stern, grizzled yakker Don Imus, multi-decade real estate annoyance Donald Trump and his son – yep – Donald Jr.
“There is a clear and present danger to these men,” said William H. Bonney IV, national spokesperson for the Association of Rich Guys with Guns Hidden (ARGGH).
“One of these gentlemen could easily come under attack while walking to the limo from their multi-million dollar townhouse apartments in Manhattan. Of course the weekend getaway places in Connecticut, the Hamptons or the sprawling ranches in the Southwest – it’s practically the Alamo. You have to be sympathetic.”
Trend watchers say concealed weapons permits have joined Rolex watches and leased private jets as status symbols of the post-Wall Street meltdown.
And it’s not just for the rich and famous. In Virginia, so-called “open carry” is all the rage. Bronco-busting car salesman and building contractors apparently in fear for their lives now amble around suburban restaurants packing heat.
In Arizona, where every dog over three months of age must have a license, no permit is required for concealed weapons.
“Of course not,” Bonney said. “Dogs are dangerous.”
 Gotta be true, I saw it on the 'Net in the Treetops Tattler newspaper.

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