Friday, August 13, 2010

Red Friday at the gun shop is Carry Three Day, comfortable carry

Friday at the gun shop where I work is always Red Friday for me. I always wear red on Fridays to honor the troops at war, but most Fridays the rest of the crew is gone setting up for a weekend gun show.

And that means that yours truly and one other worker are providing all the security for the shop as well as selling guns, making it Red Friday in the alert category for us.

We've been robbed once by gang-bangers who sledge-hammered through the back wall at midnight, grabbed a handful of guns and ran before the police responded to the alarm.

And in another incident two armed thugs tried a stickup one evening when the shop was closed but two of the owners were working inside. When faced with a Glock .40, they left faster than they arrived.

But those two incidents put an extra edge on our awareness at the shop and I always wear two guns, a main and a backup, as do some of the other workers.

But today I tried something entirely different, as Monty Python says. I wore three. My main battery in a Bianchi shoulder holster rig was a S&W 65 3"-barrel .357 Magnum 6-shooter with a pair of speedloaders on the weak side. I'm a lefty so the S&W 65 is on my right.

In a DeSantis Mini Belt Slide on my left side was a Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm subcompact.

And in a Galco small-of-back holster was a Ruger LCR stuffed with .38 Special +P loads.

And not only did we hold the tigers at bay for another day, it was a comfortable rig to wear all day. And with 18 rounds of .357 Magnum, 8 rds. of 9mm and 5 rds. of .38 Special +P, I was ready for any foolish thugs.

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