Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yankee 'Warlord' is best man for N.C. 4th Congressional District

I'm predicting this fall's election is gonna be a "Throw Out Da Bums!" election at minimum on the scale of Bill Clinton's 1994 disaster and hopefully far worse -- for the leftwingnuts, that is, far better for the rest of the planet. I've read some pundits saying it's gonna be worse because this time it ain't Bill Clinton and Hillary in the White House, but an even more arrogant leftwingnut, Barack Hussein Obama.

And if we can get rid of Nancy "Dumber than a sack of rocks" Pelosi and Harry "The war is lost!" Reid, it will be a real good start toward vacating the White House in 2012 and moving in the best man for the job, Sarah Palin.

But back to the job up first, cleaning out Congress. One good move would be to elect a yankee named Ilario Pantano from Noo Yawk City to serve the 4th Congressional District here in North Carolina. Seriously.

Mike Adams has the lowdown on why this Yankee is the best man for the job here in the Deep South. Short version, when in trouble, Send In The Marines!
Ilario Pantano is a Warlord. That was the name of his U.S. Marines unit when he served during the Iraqi War. It was his second tour of duty after serving previously in the Gulf War. He had returned to civilian life during the 1990s and was working on Wall Street when the attacks of September 11th rocked his office in lower Manhattan. The first thing he did after the attacks was to go to his barber to get a military-style haircut. He knew right away that he was going back to war.
Some of you may remember Ilario Pantano from his appearance on The Daily Show with John Stewart. He was promoting his book Warlord: No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy. I will never forget the interview because I have never seen John Stewart behave in such a respectful and professional manner while interviewing someone so diametrically opposed to him politically.
And there was plenty of potential for fireworks in the interview. Pantano had been accused of murder after killing two insurgents during intense fighting near Bagdad. But Ilario Pantano was cleared of all charges in an Article 32 Hearing, which is the military equivalent of a preliminary hearing. No trial was ever convened.
Ilario Pantano also acquitted himself well in the court of public opinion. Even when dealing with tough adversaries like John Stewart he overwhelmed them with a sharp mind and an articulate tongue. When I saw his interview with Stewart I knew Ilario Pantano was congressional material.
And now the Warlord is running for Congress against Mike McIntyre – a Democrat who voted against the surge in Iraq. 
 Help send Mike McIntyre, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to the unemployment line. Elect Ilario Pantano!

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Anonymous said...

Ilario Pantano is running in the 7th district. BJ Lawson is running in the 4th.