Sunday, August 1, 2010

I guess not a single one of my blog readers, all dozen or so, ain't got no curiosity. I mentioned my favorite Dale Earnhardt joke when I posted the photo of this Remington 11-87 Premier 20 Ga. Commemorative.

And not a one of you asked for the joke. But here it is anyway, just because it's Sunday afternoon and I'm killing time on the blog after my usual Sunday afternoon nap.

This NASCAR fan died and went to heaven. Shortly after St. Peter invited him in through the Pearly Gates, he heard a sound of car engines revving in the distance. Naturally he walked toward the sound and lo and behold, there was a huge racetrack full of millions of screaming NASCAR fans. He went inside, climbed up in the stands to join the crowd and looked down on the track.

There went Davey Allison, Neil Bonnett  Alan Kulwicki, Tiny Lund, Benny Parsons, Tim Richmond, Fireball Roberts, Curtis Turner, Joe Weatherly and LeeRoy Yarbrough.

Wow, he thought, all the NASCAR greats made it to heaven! Then here came a big black Chevy with number 3 on it, passing and lapping everybody else on the track. "Wow! There goes Dale Earnhardt!" he hollered out.

Another fan standing beside him shook his head and said, "No that ain't Dale. That's just God. He thinks He's Dale."

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